Happy International Podcast Day!

Published on 30 September 2021 at 11:01

As you know, we love podcasts! We love creating them and we love listening to them, so here are our two favourite podcasts, which we enjoy and would highly recommend!

1. Serial

The podcast "Serial" centers on telling a true story, over the course of various episodes. The murder of Hae Min Lee, who was a Korean-American student, who was murdered by strangulation was the focal point of the first series, for example. The storytelling genre is our favourite genre of podcasts and we could not recommend this podcast more! Aside from the engaging sound effects, which immerse you deeper into the stories, but the conversations which follow, make the series believable and more relaxed. This podcast also educates people, in a fun and engaging way! 

2.Jesus and Jollof!

Even though there are no current episodes, their old episodes are funny to the core! Jesus and Jollof looks at two women of Nigerian heritage, who grew up in the US. It explores the ups and downs, which they experience as the children of first generation immigrants! We love this podcast not only because of the humour, but also the attempts they make to introduce non-Nigerians to positive aspects of Nigerian culture. It is therefore not only humorous, but also informative!

In conclusion, these are the top two podcasts, which we would certainly recommend! Which ones are your favourites?


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