How do I interview a celebrity?

Published on 20 September 2021 at 12:09

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Interviewing a celebrity for the first time can be daunting, but we will share with you three key tips, which we have used, to help you interview your chosen starlet!

  1. Get to know the celebrity.

We analyze this in greater depth, in our workshop, but a great interview relies on getting to know the backstory of the individual, whom you are interviewing. Having this knowledge beforehand can help give better, deeper context to the interview. 

  2. Find an opportunity to promote whatever the interviewee wants to promote.

Celebrities, when interviewed are always looking to promote something, so always ensure that before and during the interview, this is the focal point, where relevant. This will make the interviewee more comfortable and more engaged and furthermore, the interview is likely to be promoted on the celebrity's social media, which means that your content may be viewed and consumed by a wider audience, than before.

 3. Talk to the interviewee beforehand (if you can!). 

With all interviews, it is very important to communicate, beforehand. This will make you less nervous and it will also help you to better familiarize yourself with the interviewee and vice versa. 

In conclusion, when you are interviewing a celebrity, try to ensure that you know who you are interviewing and see whether this can tie into the interview. You must also try and see whether you can profile what the interviewee wants to showcase, and make sure you communicate in depth with the interviewee beforehand, in order to ease any nerves, which you or the interviewee may have!

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