How do I host a radio show?

Published on 14 September 2021 at 13:29

Is it your first time hosting a radio show, or are you simply curious? Let's analyse the three main components of hosting a successful radio show, whether it is live or prerecorded. 

  1. Being a perceptive host.

Whether you are hosting a live radio show, or a prerecorded radio broadcast, you must always keep your eye on the ball, especially when interviewing guests. Live radio can be particularly challenging, because anything can happen at any time! We, as panelists and radio hosts have experienced this! Keeping to a script and an itinerary is important, but always be aware that anything can change at any time! Maybe make a mental note of what could happen during your live radio show to prepare, but we know that whatever happens, you can handle it!

2. Being an engaging host. 

Keeping your listeners interested is indispensable. This is why we therefore believe that consistent consumer engagement is important. To be seen communicating and interacting with listeners, makes your content more believable and reliable and you therefore come across as engaging. It is also important to always keep your content and questions open ended. You could, for example, end the radio show with a question or call to action, so that the topics discussed on the radio show are more poignant to the listener. 

3. Being a confident host. 

It can be daunting hosting a radio show, especially if it is for the first time! We do believe however, that anyone can do so, but confidence is key! We as radio panelists have seen people with various careers host successful live radio shows at the BBC! Confidence and self assurance in what is being discussed is important, because what you are saying matters and will certainly resonate with at least one listener!

In conclusion, we believe that you can host a radio show, but the key components are being analytical, self-assured and likeable!


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