Sponsorship and Your Content.

Published on 14 May 2021 at 14:16

In this blog, we identify the different strategies you can use to get sponsorships!

The important questions, which you must ask yourself, before looking for  potential sponsors should be:

  • What does my content  represent that can benefit my potential sponsor(s) in the long run?

  • Why should a potential sponsor(s) care about my content? 

Finding a sponsor for your content should not just be about finding an organisation, who will pay you to create content. Money will come in due time.

Before approaching a sponsor(s),  you need to research into them. Try and identify who they are. Who are they trying to attract? What do they represent?

Then ask yourself, how can these things pair with the content that I want to create?  Do my potential sponsor(s) have a similar vision as myself?

Doing this will help you to persuade your potential sponsor(s) that your content and their brand can work together, because your content and their brand, both share the same values and ideas, which you can both promote.

Remember, creating content is a business, and if you want to make money from it in the long run, you must have the mindset of a business person. You know your content is filling a gap in the market, so you need to put that across when you talk to potential sponsor(s).

In conclusion, be confident in your content! Persuade potential sponsor(s) that your content and their brand have a similar vision and therefore it is in their best interest to fund your content! 

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